WMH Group Germany supports the TUfast Racing Team of the Technical University of Munich as a sponsor.

The TUfast Racing Team is an association of students of the Technical University of Munich, which develops and produces an electrically powered racing vehicle every year and then competes with it against teams from other universities at the “Formula Student”. The focus of this international competition is not only on racing performance, but also on performance in other areas such as engineering design, power optimization, cost and presentation. 

During the design phase, the TUfast Racing Team dealt with the rule changes and, in order to optimise the airflow, had to revise the previous year’s concepts. In this context, the monocoque was redesigned. WMH Group Germany supported the TUfast Racing Team by supplying the required rolled plate in EN AW 6082 for the new version of the “xb023” racing car. The aluminium plate found its use in the newly designed front hoop after having been machined by two other sponsors. The front hoop is one of two hoops installed in a Formula Student car to protect the driver.

The completed “xb023” was presented to the public at the ceremonial presentation in the Business Lounge of the Allianz Arena Munich. A highlight for the entire team and the sponsors. The TUfast team is confident that the car has the potential to race for the top ranks again this year.

WMH Group Germany are pleased to support the future engineers of the TUfast Racing Team on their route to the finish line and wish the team every success for their future projects.

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