DIN/EN tubes made of aluminium.

The stock list of WMH GROUP GERMANY comprises a large selection of extruded and drawn aluminium tubes made from many different alloys. In order to enable you to locate exactly what you are looking for, many diameters and wall thicknesses are permanently available. For those who require more, WMH GROUP GERMANY offers outstanding quality and precision – also with excess lengths of well over 20 metres.

For further information and details, please refer to the DIN/EN tubes stock list.

We will be pleased to personally answer your questions on materials, dimensions, properties, processing possibilities, and availability. Simply take advantage of our convenient call-back service on this page or use our contact form.


Available materials

EN AW 6005 Al Si Mg(A)
EN AW 6060 Al Mg Si
EN AW 6101B E-Al Mg Si(B)
EN AW 6082 Al Si1 Mg Mn
EN AW 7020 Al Zn4,5 Mg1
EN AW 7075 Al Zn5,5 Mg Cu
EN AW 5754 Al Mg3
EN AW 4032 Al Si12 Mg Ni
EN AW 6023 Al Mg Si Sn Bi
EN AW 5083 Al Mg4,5 Mn0,7
EN AW 2007 Al Cu4 Pb Mg Mn
EN AW 6061 Al Mg1 Si Cu