DIN/EN sheets made of aluminium.

We offer you a wide range of aluminium sheets from almost all off-the-shelf and rare alloys. Sheets of various thicknesses and formats are available in low to high strengths. For your individual requirements, it is also possible to order all formats as precise cuts. Four panel saws or a water jet cutter are available for this.

For further information and details, please refer to the DIN/EN Sheets stock list.

We will be pleased to personally answer your questions on materials, dimensions, properties, processing possibilities, and availability. Simply take advantage of our convenient call-back service on this page or use our contact form.

Available materials

EN AW 1050 Al 99,5
EN AW 5754 Al Mg3
EN AW 5005 Al Mg1(C)
EN AW 5083 Al Mg4,5 Mn0,7
EN AW 6082 Al Si1 Mg Mn
EN AW 6061 Al Mg1 Si Cu
EN AW 7020 Al Zn4,5 Mg1
EN AW 2024 Al Cu4 Mg1
EN AW 2014 Al Cu4 Si Mg
EN AW 2017 Al Cu4 Mg Si(A)
EN AW 7019 3.4325 Unidal
EN AW 7075 Al Zn5,5 Mg Cu