QUALITÄT acts sustainably.

Our responsibility.

In order to give success a future, we do not only treat our customers and partners with maximum respect. We strive to achieve sustainability also when it comes to environmental issues – for instance when we save resources by increasing efficiency in a smart way.

Our state-of-the-art production infrastructure and streamlined processes result in a significant reduction in our overall energy consumption. Since 2014, an up-to-date 245-kWp photovoltaic system provides energy for our operational and administrative buildings.

A 100-kW wood chip plant, fuelled by the waste wood of our daily operation, completely covers the office buildings’ demand for heating and hot water since 2015. This way, the transport packages made from renewable wood provide an additional value.

Intelligently linked and managed, all measures and processes sustainably further reduce the carbon food print of the WMH GROUP GERMANY. Thus, our corporate philosophy combines the economically needful with the socially meaningful – and therefore creates a win-win situation for the company, people and environment. A long-term asset that pays for all!


Der Westdeutsche Metallhandel freut sich, die Firma FACC AG als neuen Partner für die kommenden Jahre  im Bereich Aerospace begrüßen zu dürfen.


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