QUALITÄT relies on cutting-edge technology: New Flow water jet at work.

WMH GROUP GERMANY continues investing in the future. Right after the start-up of a new fully automated high-bay warehouse, more cutting-edge technology is setting the highest standards in precision and speed again: WMH GROUP GERMANY announces the commissioning of a new high-performance water jet system Mach 3B by global market leader Flow.

Customers benefit from this key investment in WMH GROUP GERMANY’s production infrastructure with a faster and even more precise processing of special products made from aluminium. With minimum cutting tolerances of less than 0.2 mm, it’s also a perfect cutting solution for other metals, stone or innovative composites including carbon, CFRP or high-tech laminates – advanced materials, which due to their superior material properties are gaining increasing importance in industrial production.

Featuring the world’s most reliable ultrahigh-pressure pump, intelligent process monitoring, and the most powerful water jet control available, the Mach 3B combines well-engineered technology with state-of-the-art software solutions. The excellent overall package counts in many ways. For example, with a superior nesting – the creation of the most efficient cutting pattern – for the shortest cutting paths, minimum scrap, and optimum cutting surfaces.

The new Flow Mach 3B is another important investment in the future of WMH GROUP GERMANY – and in the future success of their customers.

WMH GROUP GERMANY is a trading specialist, which reliably supplies companies across all branches of industry with semi-finished products and special individual solutions made of aluminium. International subsidiaries and commercial agencies in Europe, China and the United States strengthen the sound position of WMH GROUP GERMANY across the international aluminium business.