QUALITÄT sets standards.

Our certificates.

Every day, we provide evidence of our efficiency – the highest quality of our products, processes and production processes is evident by the large number of licences, expert reports, and certificates, particularly within the aerospace industry. In addition to fulfilment of EN 9120, the re-stamping authorisation and recognition of the status of AEO "customs simplification“, our listing in the OASIS database and numerous manufacturers' certificates are proof of our outstanding level of uncompromising quality management.

Certification according to EN 9100 by DEKRA documents a significant expansion of the service range of the WMH GROUP GERMANY. In addition to trading in semi-finished aluminium products, the group is now also presenting itself as a manufacturer for the aviation industry.

ISO 9001:2015
EN 9100:2018
EN 9120:2018
AEO Certificate
Rolls Royce


Der Westdeutsche Metallhandel freut sich, die Firma FACC AG als neuen Partner für die kommenden Jahre  im Bereich Aerospace begrüßen zu dürfen.


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