QUALITÄT has a tradition and a future.

Our Company.

We deliver reliable solutions and first-class products made from aluminium, across all branches of industry including mechanical engineering and aerospace: Our sheets and plates, profiles, tubes, and rods made from almost all off-the-shelf and rare alloys, are permanently available while unusual materials can be provided promptly and reliably.

QUALITÄT has continued to grow through our hard work and commitment to maintaining the confidence of industry and highly specialised companies – day by day for over 80 years. Our solid foundation for QUALITÄT: know-how, experience, the highest levels of precision, absolute reliability, and individual performance with respect to consultation and service. The international subsidiaries of WMH GROUP GERMANY in Europe, China and North America guarantee QUALITÄT across the world. Our certificates satisfy the highest requirements as does our efficiency the highest demands of our customers. For us, QUALITÄT stands for unique knowledge of industry, first-class products and exceptional service.
For you, QUALITÄT means simply: more success.


Die Zeit ist gekommen!
Nach 36 Jahren WMH verabschiedet sich unser Mitarbeiter Hartmut Arndt nun in den wohlverdienten Ruhestand.
Wir wünschen ihm von...

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